The real problem with Obama-care is that we can’t afford it. Even if it was a good idea to force universal health care down people’s throats ( which I don’t think it is) the financial reality is that we cannot afford this legislative craziness…Has anyone got the numbers ready to hand about hoe much ADDITIONAL cost Obama-care represents to our bankrupt nation?

Fully Myelinated

Great post from Ezra:

President Obama’s news conference was meant to drive home his position that he won’t negotiate with Republicans over the debt ceiling.

But Republicans want those negotiations. And they think they’ve found a winning message to get them: How can Obama be willing to negotiate with Vladimir Putin but not with John Boehner? …

Let’s run the analogy out.

Imagine that Putin stepped forward tomorrow morning and announced that Russia had developed a computer virus that would shut down the market for U.S. Treasuries and that he would release that virus unless Obama agreed to a list of Russian demands.

No one would say Russia was asking for negotiations with Obama. They would say Russia was holding the U.S. economy hostage and demanding that Obama pay a ransom. No Republican — and no Democrat — would advice Obama to take that meeting. The sole question would be prevention…

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