How the GOP could (maybe) win this stand-off. Or not…

Okay so we all know from polling (every man, woman, child and invertebrate has been polled it seems) that the public broadly supports the Dems on the gov’t shut down / healthcare circus. And we kinda know that they support the GOP on the debt ceiling issue if they manage to frame the argument as being about “fiscal responsibility” and spending etc.

So theoretically the first battle should have been settled in the Dems favour and the second one in the GOP’s favour. The war playing out in a 1 – 1 draw.

Theoretically. Because an interesting thing may very well happen on the way to next month’s circus.

The budget debacle (in which polling  shows the Dems should win the battle for popular opinion) is STILL not resolved and the debt ceiling fight is about to start in earnest.

Thus it seems that the two battles will now become one MEGA battle (revolving around both issues) in which the winner takes all.

This could be VERY interesting. Mainly because just as the public supports the Dems on the budget / shut down issue, they broadly support the GOP on the debt ceiling issue. So if the two fights turn into one BIG fight, who will the public end up supporting?

This battle is turning into a winner-takes-all Super Bowl of political  warfare.

Boehner has made it clear that he wanted to avoid the shut down confrontation (which he knew was a loser in terms of public opinion) in order to save his ammo for the debt ceiling crisis, which is he thinks he can win. And he may kinda sorta get what he wants now as the shut down / ACA fight carries on so long that it merges with the Debt Ceiling fight.

So who will win this showdown?

Will the Dem’s be able to make this mega-confrontation all about the gov’t shut down & ACA stuff and win, or will the GOP manage to grab the narrative and make the fight all about the debt ceiling / supposed “fiscal responsibility” and win this gloves-off political cage fight?

With mid-term elections just round the corner,the stakes couldn’t be higher. The team that wins this mega-fight will triumph in the mid-term elections, and the one that loses this stand-off loses in the mid-terms. Control of the House and Senate will be probably be decided this month.

Stay tuned!




How the GOP can (maybe) now win this stand-off…

Okay so all except the most one-eyed conservative has to admit the reality that the GOP will be blamed by voters for the budget / gov’t shut down crisis. But an interesting thing may very well happen on the way to next month’s circus.

The debt ceiling D-Day is just around the corner. In fact it’s so close that it now seems VERY probable that the budget / shut down crisis will not be resolved by mid Oct and THEN an interesting thing may happen – the budget / shut down / Obama-care crisis and the debt ceiling crisis will combine into one ENORMOUS crisis that revolves around both issues.

This could be VERY interesting. Mainly because just as the public supports the Dems on the budget / shut down issue, they broadly support the GOP on the debt ceiling issue. So if the two fights turn into one BIG fight, who will the public end up supporting?

It could be a hail-mary / gift from God situation that saves the GOP.

Boehner has made it clear that he wanted to avoid the shut down confrontation in order to save his ammo for the debt ceiling crisis. And he may kinda sorta get what he wants now. The conservative wing of the GOP (I think that may be me) may then get what they really want – the opportunity to force changes to the ACA set-up with the FULL BACKING of the US electorate. Because the political conversation / vicious trench war will be about balancing our national kitty, we can make changes to Obama-care by making the simple argument that the US simply can’t afford the ACA. Because it is a financial reality and not an ideologically based argument, independent voters are much more likely to respond to it. 

With a bit of luck our gleefully anticipated thumping at the polls in the mid-term elections will then remain a Democrat pipe-dream and the ACA will be amended as we’d like.


White House Calls Tea Partiers Terrorists

Yep! We have a terrorist in the White House!

The Visionary

white house calls


On Sunday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called Tea Partiers and our allies “legislative arsonists.” Not be left out, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) soon called us “anarchists.” Before mid-week had passed, Congressman Peter King (R-NY) had joined in the fun, using the word “terrorists” to describe Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his allies.

Now the White House has adopted King’s language, calling law-abiding, patriotic Americans terrorists. From Hot Air:

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Pfeiffer why Republicans shouldn’t demand spending cuts in exchange for the CR and the debt-ceiling hike when more than six in ten Americans think that’s a reasonable approach.  Pfeiffer replied that demanding spending cuts in this process is like, er, terrorism.

Specifically, Pfeiffer said the White House is “not negotiating with people with a bomb strapped to their chest.”

Tapper hit Pfeiffer hard for this claim, noting that President…

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Government shutdown: what’s really going on – and who’s to blame? | World news |

Are Democrats the new Republicans?


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Remember how in the 90’s Democrats used to whine and complain that Republicans won battle after battle because they were better organised, more disciplined and more ruthless? Well maybe the boot is on the other foot now…

The budget / Obama-care battle is looking like one that will (sadly) be a victory for the Dems. Poll after poll shows that voters will blame the GOP for the shut down. Which is why Boehner desperately wanted to avoid this battle and save his fire for the debt ceiling fight which is just around the corner. But could he control his caucus? No. Well, not nearly as effectively as Harry Reid controlled his. Not a single Dem senator broke ranks on the budget fight, even the “red state” ones who are facing tough re-election battles and could be hurt by this.

If Boehner had had his way, then the GOP in the house would have avoided this fight and instead been alive and well to win the debt ceiling fight. But he couldn’t control his flock as well as Reid controls his.

So we will bleed centre-ish support over this fight instead of scoring valuable points in a totally win-able debt ceiling battle…

And by being totally inflexible on any compromise to the budget, Reid has ruthlessly forced the first of these two big battles to be fought on terrain that favours him and will thus deliver a well-thought out victory for our Democrat friends. 


Obamacare dispute sends gov’t to brink of shutdown

Why does the main stream media blame Republicans for the crisis and not Obama / Reid? they are the ones who refuse to contemplate any alterations to the bill? Won’t even consider the minor concession of tweaking (not twerking) the tax on med equipment or cutting the juices medical benefits to washington elite….


WASHINGTON (AP) — Compromise elusive, Republicans and Democrats engaged in finger-pointing Monday just hours before the first government shutdown in 17 years, driven by an intractable budget dispute over President Barack Obama’s signature health care law.

“This law is not ready for prime time,” said Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, who insisted that the Democratic-controlled Senate act quickly and accept a House measure that would avert a shutdown — but only by delaying further implementation of the health care law for a year.

“Where, oh where, has the Senate gone?” asked Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas.

House Democrats soundly rejected the GOP alternative and pleaded for an end to the fighting. Rep. Ami Bera, D-Calif., implored Boehner to be “the leader of this body” — Democrats and Republicans.

The Senate returns shortly after 2 p.m. EDT — just 10 hours before a threatened shutdown — and Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and…

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Not a negotiation, but a hostage sitution

The real problem with Obama-care is that we can’t afford it. Even if it was a good idea to force universal health care down people’s throats ( which I don’t think it is) the financial reality is that we cannot afford this legislative craziness…Has anyone got the numbers ready to hand about hoe much ADDITIONAL cost Obama-care represents to our bankrupt nation?

Fully Myelinated

Great post from Ezra:

President Obama’s news conference was meant to drive home his position that he won’t negotiate with Republicans over the debt ceiling.

But Republicans want those negotiations. And they think they’ve found a winning message to get them: How can Obama be willing to negotiate with Vladimir Putin but not with John Boehner? …

Let’s run the analogy out.

Imagine that Putin stepped forward tomorrow morning and announced that Russia had developed a computer virus that would shut down the market for U.S. Treasuries and that he would release that virus unless Obama agreed to a list of Russian demands.

No one would say Russia was asking for negotiations with Obama. They would say Russia was holding the U.S. economy hostage and demanding that Obama pay a ransom. No Republican — and no Democrat — would advice Obama to take that meeting. The sole question would be prevention…

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